Toddler Pallet Music Wall DIY

Being an early years teacher I love bringing my knowledge of learning home and trying to create experiences for my toddler to explore. While I have been building a massive garden for my daughter this week I have been focusing on a DIY pallet music wall.


This was SO easy!!! I did it myself. The only thing my husband helped with was nailing the stainless steel bowls onto the wood and instal the wall onto the deck (photo will be posted in the morning).

* Pallet
* Nails/screws/washers
* Random kitchen utensils/pots/pans/bowls
* Wind Chimes
* Toy Xylophones
* Drill
* Hammer

Pick up the first item and nail/screw it on…. And the next and the next….
Too Easy!
Some of the items I needed to put a large washer between the nail/screw and the object as I don’t want my toddler to pull the interesting things off the wall and relocate them never to be seen again.

The wind chimes I pulled apart. I tied each chime onto it’s own string and nailed it onto a piece of wood I then attached onto the pallet.


The xylophone was the same. I pulled apart two xylophones and screwed them onto a piece of woods. The screws I used I had them going up into the wood so that the key would dangle down on and angle. This was to keep them forward off the wall.


My husband had the job of attaching the pallet to the deck and then my daughter went nuts!



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